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Weiner & Associates has an expertise second to none in the area of marketing, design and writing for Historic Properties. Please view a few select examples below.

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Happy Holidays!

Each year, a holiday poem accompanies a sweet gift!  

We gathered our creative team, a group both wise and witty,

Often called, by those who know, the best minds in the city.

The challenge was to find a gift, a holiday confection,

Our strategies ranged far and wide, the goal was...sweet perfection!

We wandered up and down the streets, alert for inspiration,

We checked out Reading Terminal and 30th Street Station.

We sampled--tastefully--of course, recording our reactions

And never wavered from our task, no cell phones, no distractions.

And then our fearless researchers, with energy unbound

Did chance upon a gift that earned consensus all around.

And so we offer this sweet token of our great esteem

And all our warmest wishes for a holiday supreme!

Your Friends at The Ben…

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